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2017-1 Colloquium Calendar

Time/Site : Every Friday 11 a.m in Science Building B102 
Talks are held in College of Science B102, beginning at 11am, unless otherwise stated

*The talks will be carried in Korean   




3/3 (Fri)

3/10 (Fri)

Prof. Kyungkwang Joo

(Chonnam National University)

Neutrino Oscillation Measurement

3/17 (Fri)

Prof. Jeong Eun Lee

(Kyung Hee University)

A New Paradigm for Star Formation: Episodic Accretion

3/24 (Fri)

Dr. Jang-Hyun Park


National Space Situational Awareness Initiative – Architecture Design 
for Korean Space Situational Awareness System

4/3 (Mon) 2pm

Barbara Catinella

The Gas Cycle of Galaxies Across Environments

4/7 (Fri)

Dr. Minjin Kim


Observational Evidence for the Coevolution between Supermassive 
Black Holes and Host

4/14 (Fri)

Dr.Sung-Woo Kim

Space programs in SATREC-I

4/21 (Fri)

4/28 (Fri) 

Prof. Woong-Tae Kim

(Seoul National University)

Nuclear Rings, Nuclear Spirals, and Mass Accretion to Supermassive 
Black Holes in Disk Ga

5/5 (Fri)

5/12 (Fri

Prof. Sascha Trippe

(Seoul National University)

The Plasma-Physics of AGN on (Sub)Parsec Scales

5/19 (Fri)

Prof. Graziano Rossi

(Sejong University)

Neutrinos and Cosmic Web with Large-Volume Surveys

5/26 (Fri)

Dr. Jaejin Lee


근지구환경 관측을 위한 나노위성

6/2 (Fri) 

Prof. Ho Seong Hwang


HectoMAP and Horizon Run 4: A Cosmological Test with Large-scale 
Structures at Intermediate Redshifts

6/29 (Thu) 

Dr. Clotilde Laigle
(Oxford University)

Probing Galaxy Evolution in the Metric of the Cosmic Web

7/21 (Fri) 

Dr. Min-Young Lee
(Max Planck Institute)

Radiative and Mechanical Feedback into the Molecular Gas 
in the LMC: N159W as a Test-Bed